Workday Integrations

You can use our Workday connector to push data to Workday. See this video for more information:

Here are the list of actions available for pushing data to Workday using OnLink.


Update Worker Attributes

OnLink supports updating various fields in Workday. Here’s a sample mapping in the post function key-value config to get such updates working:
map:User_Name=customfield_10118 #update Workday account
map:Custom_ID=customfield_10119 #update a custom ID - needs next line too
map:Custom_ID_Type_ID=RefIDVal #Custom_ID_Type_ID is the reference ID of the custom ID type
map:Employee_Type=Contingent_Worker #set to Contingent_Worker or Employee, defaults to Employee

To update Workday attributes, OnLink needs the worker’s employee ID. Users can pass the Employee ID directly or they can configure OnLink to lookup the employee ID based on a lookup field. In order to configure lookup, add this line to post function key-values:

config:lookup_worker=true #employee id needs to be looked up

Then set the Workday Custom Report field in Workday Connection Settings. This custom report should return a single text field called “employee_id”. It should take a single filter prompt called “lookup_key.”

Generic Functions

Apart from the listed functions, OnLink can be used to call any Workday Web Service using the Generic Function process. Below is a screenshot of what the Post Function configuration looks like. Select API Name (see this reference for all supported Workday SOAP APIs). Construct the relevant XML body and use variable substitution to populate values from customfields. You can also setup a response field - for e.g. if you want the Requisition ID from a new Requisition that got created, you can configure the API Response Field and Response XML Path properties.


Here’s the list of SOAP API’s you can select from. This covers the full list of supported Workday SOAP API.

To make it easy to use this feature, we recommend first getting the API to work using tools like Postman or Soap UI. That helps you get the XML request body you need to make the call. Feel free to reach out to us for help -